Spring in the Makkin

As some of you may know, thanks to some encouragement from Liz at Good Fibrations, I’ve been experimenting away and learning to use a makkin belt.

While the process is still rather slow going, I’m definitely getting the hang of it and have created a pattern to encourage me along with the process.

Spring in the Makkin is a colorwork hat knit in worsted weight yarn for a speedy, almost instant gratification type project. I chose Selkirk Worsted from Fleece and Harmony because it is one of my favourite worsted weight yarns to knit with and there is such a large variety of colorways to pick from. Plus, while it may technically be Spring here in PEI, we’re still getting snow can the wind can be quite bracing, so cozy knits are still required!

The project can be knit on either a makkin belt (if you’re up for the challenge) or with your usual needles.

If you are interested in creating your own Spring in the Makkin, you can find the pattern in my Ravelry store or on Etsy.

Happy Spring (or Autumn to any pals in the Southern Hemisphere) and happy crafting!

One thought on “Spring in the Makkin

  1. Oh that P word, Practice! I have only seen women use the makkin belt for jumpers and thought ugh, Heavy. Then I saw a woman knitting a SCARF with it and went…….duh Susan 🙂 Loved it. Will get your springy hat…….no spring here yet either!

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