Practice Makes Progress

If you have been tuning into my blog recently, you’ll have read that I’ve been adventuring into support spindles. I purchased a lovely Tibetan spindle from Fox Mountain Spindles and have been teaching myself how to use it. I’m very happy to report that spinning is going quite well.

While I am still considerably slower at spinning with a support spindle than I am with a drop spindle or wheel, I am enjoying the process SO much. The rhythm of spinning with a support spindle is almost meditative. It is very easy to become so in-the-flow that I don’t even notice the passage of time. To me, that is a sign of craft time well spent!

I’m nearing the end of this luscious local llama fibre (I only gave about a large handful left) and then it will be time to wind the skein and set the twist. I’m already eyeballing some fibre stash for another whirl on my Tibetan spindle (my youngest would be SO proud of that pun).

My question to you today is …. If you are a support spindle spinner, what are your favourite support spindle types and makers? Any makers you highly recommend? I feel the need to branch out even more and explore this wonderful world of support spindle spinning. After all, one spindle is just lonely! It surely needs a friend … two 😉

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