Testing, Spinning, and a Workshop

I have so many spinny things to share since I’ve last posted! First up is this lovely basket pictured above. It is a basket created by the wonderful Doris-Ann of Savoie Baskets just with drop spindle spinning in mind. As with all of her baskets, it is beautifully crafted. This style features a strap soContinue reading “Testing, Spinning, and a Workshop”

Sweaters, Socks, and Spinning

Even though it is now officially Spring, I still want to keep on knitting all the cozy knits. I’ve been seeing swoon worthy sweaters, adorable socks, and luscious fibres on podcasts and Instagram and I can’t help but feel completely inspired. My to-knit list is becoming quite long indeed! I have a few sweater WIPsContinue reading “Sweaters, Socks, and Spinning”