WIP Wednesday – East Friesian

It has been a while since I’ve been a member of a fibre club and I’ve been missing it.

When I first started spinning, one of my best decisions was to join up with a fibre club …. Each month I received a 4oz bump of breed specific spinning fibre in a fun colorway with tips and tricks for spinning. This exposed me to a whole assortment of breed specific wools and wool blends and community to share the finer details of spinning as well as fun projects everyone was making with that month’s selection. It vastly expanded my spinning skills and fibre knowledge and gave me the confidence to deep dive into all things woolly.

Flash forward to many (MANY!) years later and I was craving some of that fun again. Thanks to Nikki from Knitting with Cat Hair Podcast, I discovered the Long Way Homestead and their Breed of the Month fibre subscription. Each month, subscribers receive 4oz of breed specific fibre in a natural color from a Canadian source along with an info card. The info card includes helpful notes about the breed, where this particular fibre shipment comes from within Canada, and tips for spinning and best uses for the wool/finished yarn.

My first shipment is East Friesian from Les Bresbis du Beauivage in Quebec. It is perfectly creamy white, a bit toothy and just up my alley! I’ve decided to spin it long draw for a woollen style yarn and have chosen a 2 ply for the finished yarn. The fibre prep is fabulous! It drafts soooo easily and makes long draw a real treat. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the finished yarn looks like. Spinning the fibre has been a real pleasure!

I have approximately one ounce left to spin before I embark on plying but it has been going very quickly!

Have you spun East Friesian? Are you a member of a breed specific fibre or yarn club? Do you love it? I’d love to hear!

One thought on “WIP Wednesday – East Friesian

  1. Hi Simone! I have a dairy farmer here very near my home in the upstate of SC who is raising Eastern Freesian dairy sheep. I understand they are the best. They make sheep milk soap as it’s a higher fat content than goat’s milk. Boy is it a rich and lathery soap too! I have not spun it but had thought I might try some from his farm to see about it. Thanks for this post!

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