FO Friday – Luscious Llama

Today, I proudly get to share with you my first support spindle spun skein!

This beautiful fibre was a gift from Amanda of Red Island Fibre and it was grown at Maple River Farm in Nova Scotia. I knew it needed to be something special! It was the perfect fibre for spinning on my Tibetan support spindle.

I’m very happy with how it spun up too. I ended up with 358 yards for 47g of fibre …. Putting it well within the Laceweight range. It is soft, drapey, and I love the soft natural café au lait color. I have no idea what it wants to be yet but I know that it will be something cozy and light.

I’ll end the post here with a little peek from my ruck this morning. Happy Friday all!

2 thoughts on “FO Friday – Luscious Llama

  1. Jealous (in the best possible way) X’s 2!! The spinning is excellent and the colour is extraordinary.
    Then there is the beach….I am so land locked WAAAAAAAAA be sure to enjoy it for me.

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