WIP Wednesday

I have a couple of fibery endeavours too ok share with you in this week’s WIP Wednesday post.

My fibre friend, Amanda of Red Island Fibre, surprised me with a luscious batt of llama fibre recently. This fibre comes from Maple River Farm in Nova Scotia that raises llamas for fibre, fun, and fertilizer.

I don’t have a ton of experience with llama and it is such a treat that I decided it really needed to be spun on a drop spindle.

There is something very relaxing and peaceful about sitting quietly and spinning on a spindle. I so enjoy the process and don’t do it as much as I would like.

And speaking of things I don’t get to do as often as I would like, I also decided to wash and prep some of my stash of Iceland wool for spinning.

This Icelandic comes from Blomidon Farm, a farm on PEI that centres on their herd of Icelandic sheep. Pictured above is the wool pre-wash. I was completely blown away by how clean it is. There is essentially zero veggie matter which made cleaning it a breeze. Such a treat!

Normally, Simpkin would be all over helping me with the raw fleece but he was outside, busy doing cat things. He did, however, leave Gingersnap in charge. So thoughtful! 😸

Here is a quick shot of the washed wool laying out to dry. How beautiful is that? Hopefully it won’t take too long to dry and I can get to hand carding it.

What are you working on this week? Are you up to your usual or trying something new? Revisiting something you love and don’t get to do as often as you would like? I’d love to hear.

One thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. so soft and wooly!! I’m knitting on the ADVENTUREsome wrap with my BMM advent, it’s working up well. Spent time with one of the peeps in knitty group sharing some “milly” time, I think she’s looking seriously at getting her own now. xx


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