Guess who has some snazzy new socks?

I put the finishing touches (aka sewed in the ends and blocked) my Ravishing Socks by Nancy Wheeler and I couldn’t be happier!

The pattern was (as all of Nancy’s patterns are) very well written, easy to follow, and the stitch pattern was quickly memorizable. There were a pleasure to knit!

These took me a lot longer than usual to knit simply because I was a naughty knitter and neglected this project (we all do it sometimes !) to work on several other large projects that took a lot of time and brain space. When I got down to focusing on this project, the socks practically flew off my needles. There was zero second sock syndrome because I knit the second sock in only a day.

The yarn I chose for this project was Eco Processed Merino in “Mellow Yellow” colorway by Red Island Fibre.

I’m so lucky to have a fibre pal like Amanda! I wanted to order some of her sock yarn and was feeling in a bit of color rut so I just asked her to surprise me with the colorway. When she arrived with this lovely colorway for me I was immediately smitten. She knew just the color I needed for a pick-me-up! And the feel of this yarn is dreamy ….. smooth and buttery soft … it was such a treat to knit with. I’m already looking forward to working with this again.

So now my knitting needles are cleared of socks so I need to cast on a new pair and I have plans for some handspun socks next.

Are you a sock knitter? Do you always have to have a pair of socks on the go? I’d love to hear!

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