Capturing Morning Light

I spend most of my morning walks during the winter in darkness. The dark mornings hold a special kind of beauty …. brightly sparkling stars, the Milky Way, and on full moon days I get to switch off my headlamp and walk under the moonlight. I love my quiet time in the mornings.

On the weekends and days off, I get to switch up my routine a bit and get out to enjoy the sunrise.

While I still get up early (I was up at 4:30am today), I get to take my time. I stoke the fire in the wood stove, spend some extra time in meditation, brew myself some lovely espresso, and sit down with some reading or knitting. I wait until just before sunrise to head out for a walk or hike.

This morning was quite crispy but the light was so beautiful. I headed to the beach for some playtime with my camera. I don’t feel I do the scenery justice with these shots but I just can’t resist trying to capture that golden morning light.

Does your weekend routine differ from your weekly schedule? Do you like to get outdoors for a certain time of day? I’d love to hear about it.

Snowshoe Weather

We’ve had our first really good snowstorm of the year here in little old PEI. If I don’t have to go anywhere, I really do enjoy a good snow storm! Snuggled in by the wood stove with coffee and knitting, a pot of soup simmering on the stove … what could be better? Why, snowshoeing after the storm has passed, of course!

The sky was still a bit moody and grey with a bite to the wind when I headed out, but I dressed in all my winter woollies and was plenty warm. Anyone who has snowshoed before knows how quickly you get toasty! Also, with powdery, knee-deep snow (with you snowshoes on, mind!), it is one heck of a good workout.

I saw quite a lot of Snow Buntings flitting about but was too slow on the draw to snag a photo of them.

The sky started to clear a bit while I was out exploring and it is amazing how the snow sparkles when the sun hits it. It truly is like walking in a snow globe at times.

I also noticed that many of the hawthorns still have some berries hanging in there so there is a bit of food around for the Waxwings, which are one of my favourite species to watch.

If you received snow yesterday/today, I hope that you get to enjoy it a bit. If you don’t like to be out in it, I hope the falling flakes made you feel cozy and content.

Bye for now!

Shifting Light

One of the things I love most about morning hikes here in PEI is the changeable nature of the light. All of these photos were taken within an approximately 40 minute time span. We’ve got blues shifting to more vibrant colors as the sun peeked up and then shifting to grey as the snow settled in.

For now, we have gently falling snow … the perfect weather for snuggling up with some tea and knitting. I am very much feeling a hibernation vibe today.

November Projects

November was a busy month for crafting. Two KALS that I was participating in ended on the 30th and I wanted to make sure that I completed my projects.

My most intensive project was for the Fleece & Harmony Kate Davies Designs knitalong. I’m a big fan of Kate’s designs, having knit a few of them over the years, so I was eager to jump in with both feet and tackle Rams and Yowes.

Rams and Yowes has been in my Ravelry queue almost since it was launched and I set to choosing yarns and getting started.

The yarn chosen for this project is Belfast Mini Mills Island Collection Fingering and Specialty Sock in various shades of cream, browns, greys, and black

Rams and Yowes is knit in the round, steeked, and stitches are picked up and knit for the blanket edging. The cut ends are neatly tucked away in a knitted facing, and the blanket edge/facing is kept flat with an i-cord edging. Kate really thought of everything! The only thing that I would change if I was to knit this blanket again is to drop down a needle size for the edging/facing because my gauge for garter and colorwork are slightly different but that is only me being super picky about my own knitting 😁

This project took approximately three months to complete and I finished with two weeks to spare for the KAL. I was extremely happy to have finished it within the allotted time frame.

Second on my list of completed projects for November is the Alien mittens by Knitting Lotta, which was my entry for the Worsted Fibre Podcast mitten KAL.

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore knitting colorwork mittens and Lotta’s designs are just too fun to resist! I paired them out with some deliciously soft and squishy Point Prim Sock from Fleece & Harmony in “Slate” and “Caramel Apple” colorways.

The finished mittens are toasty and warm and definitely very unique. An all around pleasurable knit!

My month would not be complete without some spinning.

My friend Joanne gifted me with a stunning braid of black Shetland wool and Tussah silk from Shades of Ewe Fibreworks and I couldn’t wait to get spinning it! I did most of the spinning during out Saturday morning Craft Circles.

And last but not least, I had my dye pot going.

I walk by a beautiful Butternut tree almost daily and this year it was loaded with fruit. After doing a little reading through some of my natural dye books, I decided to dye up some merino combed top and I am SO happy with the color. I haven’t started spinning it yet but I am very much looking forward to it.

So November was an eventful month indeed! I hope to have lots of fun projects to share about for December.

New Blog

It has been quite a while since I’ve written in a blog and I’m looking forward to getting back to it. I plan to share my crafty adventures, photos of the beautiful place I live in, and whatever else might strike my fancy. I am quite out of practice with all things website so please bear with me as i bang out the inevitable kinks 💗