FO Friday – Solastalgia Hat and East Friesian Yarn

Today, I have TWO finished objects to share with you!

First up is the Solstalgia Hat by Heather Nolan of Oileánach Knits. This was a test knit (the date of release is TBA) and the third test knit that I have had the opportunity to do with them.

The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn(my favourite weight of yarn 😉) so I opted to stash dive for this test knit. I had a few contenders yarn-wise for this project but settled upon some of my leftover Point Prim Sock in Slate and some Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Vilje . My other options were ALSO Point Prim Sock in a few different colorways but the Slate definitely won for this project.

The pattern a very straightforward knit and the directions are easy to follow. I did have to drop several needle sizes to make gauge for the colorwork but the motifs were easily memorized.

If you are interested in knitting your own Solstalgia Hat, I encourage you to follow Heather’s Instagram page for updates on pattern availability. I believe the pattern release will be fairly soon.

Second up for finished objects this week is my first 4oz bump of fibre from The Long Way Homestead breed specific fibre club.

This is the lovely East Friesian that I had posted about in a previous WIP Wednesday post.

I chose to spin mine as a 2 ply using supported long draw. I have to say, the fibre prep for this particular bump was fantastic. It spun up SO smoothly and long draw was almost effortless. As some of you may recall, I’m a die-hard worsted style spinner who has been working toward getting better at woollen style spinning. This project was such a confidence boost to my experiments in woollen. My singles are consistent and the finished yarn is just on the cusp of sport weight, which makes me a happy spinner indeed!

How about you? Did you finish up any projects this week? Have you been making any progress in crafting techniques that you’ve been working on learning? I’d love to hear!

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