FO Friday – Natural and Wild

For this week’s finished objects, I have two handspun yarns …. One wild and bright and one soft, heathery, and natural …. And I don’t know which one I love more.

First up is one you may remember from my last WIP Wednesday post. It is a luscious blend of alpaca, Shetland, Icelandic, Jacob, Tunis x Finn, and East Friesian that I received from Melly Knits. The finished yarn has bounce, drape, and is soooooo silky soft. It is a 2 ply sport weight yarn and I’m not really sure what it wants to be yet. You can bet I will use it for something really good!

Next up is some Cheviot that I purchased in a natural creamy white color from Good Fibrations and I dyed up really wild. I had small amounts of dye powder left over in containers that were taking up space so I used them to create a cheerful and bright colorway on the combed top.

I opted for spinning this as a 2 ply fractal (surprise, surprise… right? 😉) and intend to use it for a pair of socks. I’ll knit just a plain pair of socks so the color can do the talking.

As usual Gingersnap was helping me with my fibery fun. Can you guess which handspun yarn he likes the best?

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