WIP Wednesday – A Wonderfully Sheepy Blend

A quick little check-in to share what I’m working on today. My Ashford Kiwi was feeling a bit neglected because I’ve been focusing on getting more proficient at using my Tibetan support spindle so I decided to spend a bit of time at my wheel.

I received this delightful blend of 35% alpaca, 20% Jacob, 15% Finn and Tunis cross, 15% Shetland, and 15% Icelandic from the lovely Melly Knits and it is such a fun spin. I love the natural heathery grey and the wonderful sheepiness. It is a real treat!

Half the fibre is spun already and I’ll be on to the second bobbin as soon as I finish his post 😉

I’m planning on a two ply and am very eager to see (and squish) the finished yarn.

What are you working on this week? Have you taken out a much loved, but neglected tool to work with lately too? I’d love to hear.

One thought on “WIP Wednesday – A Wonderfully Sheepy Blend

  1. I finished my ADVENTuresome Wrap, it had been in holding for Feb as I was swamped with test knits. The BMM advent worked up so amazing and squish. Just in for a soak and a block stay tuned!!


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