WIP Wednesday – Rian

Last year, I knit my first Marie Wallin pattern and I was instantly hooked on her designs. They are fun, challenging, and have a timeless quality to them. I’ve been itching to get started on another ever since finishing Bressay.

Marie’s book “Cherish” is a collection of her previously released designs knit in her British Breeds yarns which she has either updated with new colors or modified the garment shaping. There are at least seven patterns in this collection that I would love to eventually knit.

The pattern I decided to start with is Rian, which was previously released as Daffodil in her “Springtime” book. I chose this pattern first because I had the perfect yarn already in my stash.

Since it was originally called Daffodil, this golden Vilje Norsk lamullgarn by Hillesvåg is the perfect choice for this project. It was originally intended for a Sol i Setesdal by Sidsel J. Høivik but that project was not completed due to some unwelcome “help” from a feline companion. The yarn is a truly beautiful rustic Norwegian yarn and I’m so happy to be able to transform the remainder of my stash into something worthy of it.

While I do have a couple of projects I “could” finish, something I just want to start something new. I’ve only got a couple of inches knit but I’m very much enjoying the cables, lace, and textured stitches.

The sweater is knit in pieces and sewn together at the end. While it is not my usual type of garment to knit in that regard, I’m eager to get better at it.

Do you have any knitting plans or goals this year? Are there styles or techniques you want to do more of? I’d love to hear!

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