WIP Wednesday – Exploits Valley Hap

I’ve been inspired to do a little work work on a long standing work-in-progress this week.

I started working on the beautiful Exploits Valley Hap by Jennifer Beale in December of 2020 and have been savouring the project ever since. I knit a few rows and then put it away for a bit and then take it out for a few more …. It is my treat knitting and I’m very much enjoying quietly and consciously working on this project.

So far, I have the three main lace panels knit, the colorwork borders are completed, and I’ve joined two panels together and have turned the corner.

Even though I’ve been working on this project for over two years, I’ll almost be sad to fully finish it. It helps me to slow down, to be quiet, and to enjoy that beautiful Rowan Fine Lace slipping through my fingers and knitting into a delicate spidery fabric. It will be absolutely beautiful when it is finished.

Do you have any long term projects you’ve been working on? What is your longest standing WIP? I’d love to hear!

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