The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Sometimes, even with careful planning, color choices, ect. our crafting plans flop.

I decided to spin for a Metamorphic pullover and started my spinning with Tour de Fleece in July. I chose beautiful colors …. colors which I felt complimented each other, allowed for a bit of a pop, and still remained within my comfort range. The spinning went very well and the finished yarns are everything I hoped they would be.

Today, I excitedly decided, would be the day I knit my swatch for this beautiful new sweater. I balled up the yarn and set to. Gauge was working up nicely, the fabric was soft and bouncy and exactly what I wanted but ….. the colors, while beautiful on their own and side by side, were getting lost in each other.

I sampled different parts of the fractal, all in the hopes that it would improve my gut feeling. After a few tries I had to admit that my gut was, indeed, correct and these two are not destined to be in a Metamorphic pullover together.

Instead of forcing it and powering through with the project “because I spun for this!” I’m choosing to let the yarns rest and wait until inspiration strikes pattern-wise. I would rather spend time on a project that I know deep in my bones I will love and get lots of wear from than knit what I had planned and never wear the sweater.

So, while this project is off the table for now, I WILL spin for a Metamorphic with MORE color contrast and these yarns will eventually become well loved garments or accessories that I will wear with pride.

Have you ever had crafting plan flop despite your meticulous planning? Did you adapt and overcome or pivot to a new plan? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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