Finished Object Friday – Wild Posy, Verso, and a Spin

I had the pleasure of accomplishing some dream knitting this week. Wild Posy Luna by Melody Hoffman has been on my to-knit list since late autumn 2021. I fell completely in love with the textured yoke and knew that I needed to add this pullover to my hand knits collection.

I chose Briggs & Little Country Roving as my unspun yarn because I adore the bounce, warmth, and sheepiness of it. Plus, it is made of good solid Canadian wool and I just gets softer and softer the more you wear it. I knit my Aito shawl in Country Roving and, now that the weather is cooler, it rarely leaves my shoulders when I’m at home and it lives on the back of my knitting/spinning chair otherwise so it is within easy reach. I love when I find a new favourite wool!

For the knitting of my Wild Posy Luna, I used the recommended needles and held two strands of Country Roving together throughout. The resulting fabric is so cozy! I knit the smallest size and didn’t make modifications to the pattern with the exception of using the same needles for the body and hem ribbing.

All said and told, the pullover flew right off my needles. It was completed within four days of casting on. I was a little nervous about wether I would have enough Country Roving to complete the project (I used two 8oz bumps) but I finished with some to spare. I already know that I’m going to get a lot of wear from this pullover and it will be perfect for the colder winter days.

Next up was a very spontaneous cast on. Verso by The Petite Knitter came across my Instagram feed and I just knew it was going to be the perfect hat!

I have several winter hats but I needed one that wouldn’t ride up when I’m wearing my headlamp. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an avid hiker and walker and prefer to get my outdoor time in early. It means that I get to see lots of beautiful sunrises and quite a variety of wildlife but this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere it is quite dark. So, a hat that stays put with my head on is a must!

The yarn I chose for this project was Fleece and Harmony Selkirk Worsted in “Autumn Birch” and “Haunted Woods” colorways. Selkirk worsted is one of my all time favourite worsted weight yarns and it suited his project perfectly.

It was my first time doing double knitting and once I got the rhythm down (it only took a couple of rounds), it was intuitive and very satisfying. The pattern is extremely well written and illustrated. I had no previous experience with double knitting and was able to complete the project with ease. If double knitting is on your to-learn list, I highly recommend this pattern! Plus, the finished project is comfortable and looks pretty cool in my book!

My last finished project to share with you this week is some dreamy Gotland dyed in Autumn colors by Good Fibrations.

I chose to spin this braid up as a two ply DK weight fractal with the intention of knitting some more socks (handspun Gotland socks are my FAVOURITE!) and wouldn’t you know it? Nancy Wheeler of Knit Sip Happy has JUST release a new pattern for DK weight socks! They’re called the Sliptastic Socks and you know I’m going to knit them in my handspun Gotland!

What are your most recent finished projects? Have you been doing any dream knitting? I’d love to hear all about it!.

Happy crafting everyone! 🧦 🧶 🐑

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