Daydreaming of Faery Spaces

With temperatures dipping below freezing and the sun staying abed until approximately 7:20 AM, winters is definitely marching toward us.

We were out hiking early, well before sunrise, and accidentally startled a huge flock of Canada Geese with our headlamps. There was such a large number of them taking to flight that it sounded like high winds rushing through trees or a large fire burning. I’ve never heard anything like it. Sorry goose friends! We didn’t mean to wake you.

Sundays are always our days for longer hikes. We don’t usually have plans or anywhere pressing to be so we take full advantage. Today was a 3 hour excursion exploring frozen ponds, abandoned lanes, heritage roads, listening to bird song and identifying species (I’m still very much a novice at bird identification!), and such. The terrain was rougher but totally worth it.

When the sun came up, we were treated to a magical golden light through maples that were still clinging to a few of their leaves. We both agreed that there places would most certainly by the spots where faeries could be found. It is my hope that you, also, had the opportunity to spend some quiet time outdoors today enjoying the magic of nature. Until next time …. 🍃🍁🍂🧚‍♂️

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