Cardigan Trail

We’ve been taking full advantage of the nice weather and hitting the local trails. One of our favourites is Cardigan River Trails.

Cardigan River Trails are situated behind the ball diamonds west of Cardigan. It is a picturesque wooded area that hosts a wide variety of bird and plant species. Pictures above is an empty Robin’s egg shell we found along the trail.

Along with being treated to birdsong, there is also evidence of bird activity such as these holes made by a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.

We took a newish section of trail that leads directly down to the river and loops back. It has a beautiful boardwalk through the wet sections. In just a few weeks, this section will be brilliant with bright purplish-pink Rhodora blossoms.

We also get treated to these water views.

Along the way there were still quite a few Mayflower blossoms. They have since bloomed and disappeared on many of our usual trails but here they are still hanging in!

The Eastern Tamarack are starting to grow back their needles.

We found a little sunny spot along this section of trail.

This stand of pines looks a little dark and foreboding but is still a pleasure to walk through. The smell of the pines is delightful.

And last little snippet from our hike is this photo of the Serviceberry blossoms. These are so beautiful and they turn into such a delicious treat when they’re in fruit. You just have to be faster than the birds to snag a taste!

I hope you enjoy this little peek into our hike. If you happen to be in Cardigan, I highly recommend checking out the trail!

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