Testing, Spinning, and a Workshop

I have so many spinny things to share since I’ve last posted!

First up is this lovely basket pictured above. It is a basket created by the wonderful Doris-Ann of Savoie Baskets just with drop spindle spinning in mind.

As with all of her baskets, it is beautifully crafted. This style features a strap so you and wear the basket while spinning and it keeps your fibre perfectly within reach. Another wonderful feature is a loop for securing your spindle. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this creation and I am so grateful that she asked me to test it. I will be getting A LOT of use from this! I highly recommend you check out her work!

I am planning to do a video feature of spinning with the basket but our weather has not been cooperating …. It is cold and windy and it snowed again last night/this morning. So keep a lookout in the near future to see the basket in action!

Next up is a long-ish term project that I’ve finished spinning.

My son and I gathered acorns last Autumn and I used them to create a natural dye for some merino combed top. While the color is very beautiful, I got a bit distracted during the dyeing process and the wool accidentally boiled a bit. Oops! Luckily, it didn’t get too felted and was still salvageable.

While it WAS spinnable, it was not the most pleasant spin I’ve encountered. Because of the slight felting, I really had to work in places at drafting so it made my hands tired and sore. With a bit of patience and spinning in fits and starts I completed the spinning and I’m very happy with the finished yarn. It is soft and bouncy and the color is that of a rich linen. It was totally worth the extra effort.

Another recently complete spinning project is my Ottawa Wool Board sampler. It was a 4oz bag of unnamed wool in three different natural colors. I chose to spin up each color individually as a two ply with the intention to use it for a colorwork project.

I really enjoyed spinning this wool and may just have to pick up another bag 😉

And last but not least is the result of a fun fibre swap with @mellyknits on Instagram.

We mailed each other some Shetland wool that was locally grown to each of us respectively. I received some ultra dreamy cream colored wool from a ewe named Morning Glory. How cool is that?

I chose to spin it up as a Laceweight single and ended up getting 633 yards from 100g. Not too shabby even if I do say so myself! I had a pattern picked out but just need to clear the knitting decks so that I can start. Crafter problems, am I right?

I have since ordered some Romney wool from Melissa and she send along a little treat for me to try, which I immediately started on spinning. I have to say that Melissa’s care and attention to each bump of fibre and all her prep make spinning her fibres such a pleasure. So if you are a spinner too, I highly recommend!

And lastly, I am teaching a drop spindle spinning basics workshop at the PEI Fibre Festival in September. Tickets are only available to Fibre Fest newsletter subscribers right now but will be available to the public tomorrow, April 25th. I’ve been told that the class is almost sold out already!

That is all for now. I’m planning to spend the day working of sweater sleeves in an effort too ok finish up a birthday sweater for a certain someone. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Testing, Spinning, and a Workshop

  1. That basket is so pretty Simone! I had to visit her website, she makes gorgeous baskets. Your spinning is always so beautiful and such lovely fibers you finished. I have never thought about dying with acorns, how fun! The mystery fibers you spun are my favorite… lovely natural colors. I just ordered Shetland wool to spin, I want to spin for Easwas, a hat design by Kate Davies. Can’t wait!


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