Saturday Trail Time

One of my favourite things to do on days off is hike one of the many wonderful trails we have here in Prince Edward Island.

Today I chose to do Selkirk Forest. It is one of the shorter trails (only approximately 5kms) but it is quite varied in scenery and the types of forest. You travel through groves of birch, beech, hemlock, and pine with lots of mixed sections as well.

Another beautiful feature along the trail is the water. The humble beginnings of the Montague River is all the way out here in Valley.

While I didn’t need snowshoes today, I was very glad that I wore my ice cleats. The trail was mostly hard packed icy snow with soft patches where the trail receives the most sunshine during the day. I *might* have fallen through the ice crust in a few places.

One of the best things about todays hike was the mild weather. I wore a very light padded lumberjack coat and was plenty cozy. I even tucked my mittens into my pack after I got going.

What are your favourite activities for days off? Do you enjoy hiking as well? I’d love to hear.

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