From Fibre to Finished Socks

Gotland sheep wool is one of my favourite fibres to spin and knit. I don’t get to work with it nearly as much as I would like. The lustre and the silvery greys are exceptional. Those qualities are lovely on their own but when over-dyed , something truly magical happens.

Vibrant colors deepen, become richer and more jewel-like, and almost glow.

Gotland wool really has an opportunity to shine when spun in a worsted manner. Smoothing the fibres and a short forward draw bring out the gloss and sheen which comes naturally with this wool. Plus, it makes for perfect handspun for knitting socks!

I chose to spin my fibre as a 2 ply fractal to get the most fun out of the colors. I’m pretty happy with the finished yarn. Fractals are just such fetching yarns!

I didn’t have quite enough Gotland to knit my socks entirely from my handspun so I paired it up with some leftover Fleece and Harmony Point Prim Sock in “slate.”

The sock pattern is very simple sock using 60 stitches and 2.25mm needles. The heel is the Slightly Modified Garter Stitch Edged Eye of Partridge Heel (that name is a mouthful!) which I borrowed from Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern.

Instead of transitioning abruptly from one color to the next for the toe I added in just a touch of colorwork to soften the edge.

The finished socks are so silky, soft, and cozy. I can’t wait to start wearing them!

Do you knit your own socks? Do you spin for your own socks? What are your favourite wool breeds and why? I’d love to hear!

One thought on “From Fibre to Finished Socks

  1. Beautiful handspun as always Simone! I love the colors. I enjoy spinning Gotland too but have not thought about using the finished yarn for socks. I knit a lot of socks but have yet used handspun for making them.


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