Capturing Morning Light

I spend most of my morning walks during the winter in darkness. The dark mornings hold a special kind of beauty …. brightly sparkling stars, the Milky Way, and on full moon days I get to switch off my headlamp and walk under the moonlight. I love my quiet time in the mornings.

On the weekends and days off, I get to switch up my routine a bit and get out to enjoy the sunrise.

While I still get up early (I was up at 4:30am today), I get to take my time. I stoke the fire in the wood stove, spend some extra time in meditation, brew myself some lovely espresso, and sit down with some reading or knitting. I wait until just before sunrise to head out for a walk or hike.

This morning was quite crispy but the light was so beautiful. I headed to the beach for some playtime with my camera. I don’t feel I do the scenery justice with these shots but I just can’t resist trying to capture that golden morning light.

Does your weekend routine differ from your weekly schedule? Do you like to get outdoors for a certain time of day? I’d love to hear about it.

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