Snowshoe Weather

We’ve had our first really good snowstorm of the year here in little old PEI. If I don’t have to go anywhere, I really do enjoy a good snow storm! Snuggled in by the wood stove with coffee and knitting, a pot of soup simmering on the stove … what could be better? Why, snowshoeing after the storm has passed, of course!

The sky was still a bit moody and grey with a bite to the wind when I headed out, but I dressed in all my winter woollies and was plenty warm. Anyone who has snowshoed before knows how quickly you get toasty! Also, with powdery, knee-deep snow (with you snowshoes on, mind!), it is one heck of a good workout.

I saw quite a lot of Snow Buntings flitting about but was too slow on the draw to snag a photo of them.

The sky started to clear a bit while I was out exploring and it is amazing how the snow sparkles when the sun hits it. It truly is like walking in a snow globe at times.

I also noticed that many of the hawthorns still have some berries hanging in there so there is a bit of food around for the Waxwings, which are one of my favourite species to watch.

If you received snow yesterday/today, I hope that you get to enjoy it a bit. If you don’t like to be out in it, I hope the falling flakes made you feel cozy and content.

Bye for now!

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