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FO Friday – Deep Pine


In March I had the pleasure of playing around with a wool/flax blend for the first time.    I had purchased 4oz of wool/flax in “Deep Pine” colorway from Spunky Eclectic and I have to admit, I was a little nervous about it because I tend to find plant fibers difficult to spin, but this fiber prep was WONDERFUL.  The blend actually spun up like a rougher wool and was a bit hairy in appearance.  Once it was washed and given a good thwacking on the back of a chair, it became very apparent that this yarn is going to be absolutely perfect for either a stole or a shawl.  It has absolutely amazing drape and the more that I play around with it, the softer it is becoming.  The gentle color variations, combined with the fact that it seems to have taken on most of the characteristics of the flax, will make this excellent yarn for lace.  I have already been sketching out some ideas and feel a fun lace pattern brewing in the back of my mind just with this yarn in mind.

Hope that you are having a wonderful Friday and that you have fun crafty things planned for your weekend!

WIP Wednesday – Elise Shawl

IMG_4135I have to thank my dear friend Tina of Peacefully Knitting for inspiring this week’s work-in-progress.  She shared a post on the Elise Shawl by Crochet in Coloron facebook and I feel instantly, head-over-heels, in love with this crochet pattern.   It is a quick and simple crocheted shawl with absolutely stunning results.

The yarn I’ve chosen to use is Debbie Bliss Party Angel in color 15505, which is a laceweight, because the deep merlot color is exactly what I was looking for.  And hey, a little sparkle never hurts either. :-D  Instead of the 5.5mm hook recommended, I’ve moved down to a 5mm crochet hook and am quite happy with how the fabric of the shawl is working up.

It has been a while since I’ve picked up a crochet hook so it is a very fun and satisfying project to work on and is the absolute perfect project for a storm day.  I’m looking forward to pouring a nice cup of tea, snuggling up in a quilt by the fire, and working some more on it this afternoon.

Stay cozy all!

FO Friday – Handspun Celes



I’ve got fresh handspun woollies to share with you today! A little later than I had intended to share it, seeing as it is Sunday and all, but glad to be able to share none-the-less :-)

This is a handspun version of Celes by Jared Flood that I made for my friend D’s sister.  It made from some very special fiber – a blend of merino and D’s sister’s dog’s fur.  Most of the fiber was hand carded with my trusty Ashford cards but I did send some to be processed into roving as I have not been able to do any amount of carding since I hurt my hand this summer.

I am so pleased with the finished product.  The blend of merino and dog fur yields such a dreamy soft and fluffy finished stole.   The only mod that I made to this pattern was instead of knitting the center panel in two pieces and grafting together, I chose to knit it in one continuous strip.  If you have been wanting to knit this pattern and haven’t yet, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it a very fun knit but the resulting stole is absolutely beautiful.  I’m looking forward to eventually knitting one for me in some fabulous BFL!

Happy knitting all!

FO Friday – Pheasant Quill



 All that's left of the alpaca trim.

All that’s left after the alpaca trim.

Last week I had set a goal to finish my Pheasant Quill in time for this week’s FO Friday post and I just barely squeaked this one in!  I hold good books from the library totally responsible because I just couldn’t put them down :-)  I finished up the last two repeats of the edging this morning as the kids ate their breakfast.

This has been a whopper of a shawl, consuming:

  • 4oz of BFL/silk in “Pheasant” colorway by Spunky Eclectic
  • 6oz of BFL in “Dijon” colorway by Spunky Eclectic
  • 4oz of alpaca that I was gifted by my dear friend Tina of Peacefully Knitting.  The bottom picture is all that is left of that handspun … that was a close one!

That is a total of 14oz of wool for this baby!

The pattern was straightforward, very well written, and a delight to knit.

I made two very minimal mods which didn’t affect how the finished project looked.  Instead of working purl rounds in the Old Shale Lace Frame, I wrapped the first stitch of the round and fliped to the wrong side (not that there really is a wrong side to this shawl) so that I could work the round in knit instead of purl.  Once I reached the start-of-round marker, I would wrap the next stitch, flip my work back to the right side, and work as for the chart directions.  Easy peasy no purling!

My second mod was really of very little significance.  Instead casting on the lace edging stitches using backwards loop, I used a provisional cast on method and then grafted the two edges together once the lace edging was completed.  Yes, that’s right, I CHOSE to do kitchener stitch!  He he he.  What a rebel I am!

I’m very happy with how the shawl turned out and I highly recommend this pattern for handspun yarns, especially for fun handpainted fiber. The garter stitch center panel really makes the yarns the star.

What have you been working on this week?  Have you finished up any big projects recently?  I’d love to hear all about it!

WIP Wednesday – Pheasant Quill


Super excited to start on the edging of my handspun Quill. This is is probably  the biggest shawl that I have knit since my from my Fire and Brimstone Laminaria.  So far I have knit my way through approximately 4oz of Pheasant handspun on BFL/Silk, 6 oz of Dijon handspun on BFL, and working on 4oz of the lovely alpaca that I received from my dear friend Tina of Peacefully Knitting.  The past couple of days have been rather cool so working on my shawl has been a real treat.  I already know that it is going to be incredibly cozy as it has been keeping my lap nice and toasty while I work on it.  I’ve been hoping that I will be able to share some finished pictures of it next week so be sure to check back!  Only two more lacy edges to go … :-)

Spring Snow Available For Download


I’m happy to share with you all my latest pattern, Spring Snow.

This is a sophisticated shawl that is perfect for snuggling into when the sun goes down or just to dress up your look.  It was inspired by the snowfalls and heavy frosts we had late into the spring this year.

The garter stitch triangle is worked first and then stitches are picked up and knit to create the lace edging.  The lace is relatively simple but has nupps thrown in to keep you on your toes.  Pairing these design elements with Rowan Kidsilk Haze and you’ve got yourself a fun knitting project with classy results.  It also means that the shawl is feather light and cozy all at the same time

The pattern is now available for download at both Ravelry and Craftsy.

To view pattern details click the links above.

For instant download from Ravelry, click “Buy Now”


Many thanks to my super awesome test knitters Angie, Stella, and Jane for banging out the kinks in the pattern. You gals are the best!

Spring Snow Spoiler


Today seems like the perfect day to share a spoiler pic of Spring Snow with you all.  The pattern is currently being test knit (thank you so much gals!) and one of the knitters has finished it already!!!  That was super quick!  I’m hoping to get some better photos taken in the near future to share with you all :-)

Happy Monday!

Spring Snow Sneak Peek


Still working steadily away on my new pattern and thought that today would be the perfect day to share a couple of spoiler pics.

I have chosen to name this shawl “Spring Snow” because it is soft, fluffy, and delicate, much like the last snows of the year.  The basis of the shawl is a garter stitch triangle with a knitted on top edging and a lovely geometric lace border.

The patterns is in the final stage of writing and will soon be sent out to be test knit.  I’m looking forward to making another  Spring Snow already.

WIP Wednesday – Something Lacy This Way Comes


I’ve been working on a new pattern and have decided to give you a little sneak peek of what is going on.  I’m being extra tricky too, because you can only see a teensy little piece but I will give you a few hints:

  • it is a shawl
  • some garter stitch love is involved
  • geometric lace
  • nupps
  • it is modular

That, and I’m knitting it is Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze … one of my favorite yarns.  I always feel incredibly spoiled when I get to play with this particular yarn.

So that is all I’m going to share about this project for the moment, but do check back as I plan to post more spoiled pics as I go along.

Happy WIP Wednesday everyone!


FO Friday – Handspun Lichen Mists






Today is a strange day … I’ve been sitting here trying to write a post about my Lichen Mists and I words just don’t seem to want to come.  Me, at a loss for words?  Strange indeed! Call it March madness, call it spring fever … all I want to do is be outside :-)

Since I can’t find the words to do my yummy new shawl justice, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  • This is my new handspun shawl.
  • I absolutely LOVE it.
  • I feel positively elvish wearing it.
  • This pattern was MADE for my special skein of handspun
  • I’m cuddled up in the shawl right now and plan to wear it out tomorrow night.

Now, this girl is going back outside to enjoy the delicious evening sunshine that makes spring so very tempting.

Happy weekend all!



Handspun Lichen Mists Shawl

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