Long Time, No Chat

Hello folks! Long time, no chat! I’ve taken a break from blogging and internet life for a while.  Life has thrown some big challenges and changes our way so I spent quite a while unsure about whether I would continue with my blog or online business anymore.  It took a while to sort through how I wish our future to go and we’ve decided to simplify a lot.  We decided to forgo our internet connection in favour of more quiet, focused time to work on our hearts desires.  I have deactivated my facebook account and page and taken a much needed break from blogging and online in general. I’ve spent the summer binge reading Russian literature (and pretty much any other book that came my way!) and throwing myself headlong into weaving projects.   I do still occasionally post to my instagram account so you may have seen some of my projects here.  If not, my most recent weaving project is pictured below:
Mermaid Tresses Messenger Bag
With all this said, I do still intend to blog, albeit, not as frequently as before. I plan to continue indulging myself in reading which ever books suit my fancy, spinning, weaving, and knitting what I please and focusing on stocking my booth at our local farmer’s market. I have to say, that I really am enjoying the peace of mind that comes along with slowing down, disconnecting, and learning to relax a bit.

Until next time, I hope you are all doing well and that you are finding time for crafting that feeds your soul <3


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