FO Friday – Like Berries on a Bush

How is it Friday already? This week seems to have flown by. I haven’t been as productive craft-wise but I do have a beautiful skein of handspun to share with you.  Remember Wednesday’s post?  I’ve finished spinning and plying that amazing fibre from Hello Yarn into a happy worsted weight chain-ply and I LOVE it.  The colorway is “Like Berries on a Bush” and I could spin pounds and pounds of this fibre.  I have so many ideas for what it would like to be knit into but I’m really feeling “cowl” for this one.
On a completely unrelated note, we’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine over the past couple of days to do work in the garden and some hiking. We’re eagerly awaiting the appearance of Painted Trilliums and Lady Slippers … some of our favourite spring flowers.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you make some time for craft.
Happy Friday all!


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