FO Friday – Adult Unicorn Hat

I always feel really dorky taking photos of finished hats on myself.  Wielding a DSLR and trying to get decent photos feels like an exercise in contortionism … and forget about getting a good photo of the crown of the hat while its on my head … those are one in a million odds. Plus, I have a tendency to make really silly faces (my hiking buddy prides himself in his ability to snag banner shots of my silly facial expressions lol).

Regardless of how the pictures turned out, I’m really happy with this finished hat.  It is soft. If is squooshy. It is full of cashmere and merino goodness and the unicorns look really cute.  I added in more hearts than the child’s version and I think that I like this crown even better.  More space meant more stitches to play with and bigger hearts.  I’m plan on knitting a couple more because I would really like to make an adult version with earflaps so back to the sketching I go!  I love the never-ending of tweaking and playing around with knitting.

Happy Friday all!

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