WIP Wednesday – Peacock

I’ve got a decadent new spin-in-progress to share with you this week.  This is 4 oz of “Peacock” in cashmere, merino, alpaca, mohair, and silk by Belfast Mini Mills … I *might* have come home with a sizable bag of spinning fibre after my last visit. 😉  This fibre is so soft and fluffy and has just a hint of sparkle from the silk.  I’ve already spun up 2oz and am set to start work on the second bobbin today.

Speaking of sparkle, I hiked Beck Trail with friends yesterday and when we arrived, the grass in the parking/meeting area was covered in magical sparkley frost.  I just had to grab a picture.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far and that you’re finding some time for craft.

Happy Wednesday all!


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