FO Friday – Deep Blue Sea

I’m kind of blown away by how fast this fibre got all spun up!  I just dove right into it (Ha ha!  See what I did there? Dove … Deep Blue Sea? Yup. I’m THAT kind of corny today) and didn’t want to stop spinning until it was done.  I love when projects go like that.  Enough jokes though, and on to the yarn specs …

This is a semi-worsted yarn because I used a short forward draw to spin the carded roving. It is light and fluffy but still sturdy and has a little bit of shine from the mohair.  I opted for a 2 ply because i wanted a thicker yarn, but it would have looked lovely if left as a single as well. And the colors … oh the colors!  I really love the blue/indigo/purple!

Well, that’s all for today.  I’m off to work on a cozy pair of fingerless glove for ME for trout fishing (these bony fingers get cold! lol).  Hope you all have a lovely weekend and that you find some time for craft.

Happy Friday all!

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