FO Friday – Boil and Bubble, Fleece and Harmony

I have both a fun spinny finished project and a knitted one to share with you this week.

First up is another fun art yarn.  This is handspun from my October 2016 Southern Cross Fibre club shipment. The fibre is Charollais, which was brand new to me, and to quote David’s words about this lovely wool:

Charollais is a wool that comes from France and is super sproingy and has a bit of a tooth to it. It’s a medium grade wool and has some of the characteristics of primitive and meat breeds. Gosh… I’m trying to think of something to compare it to that you’d all know but I’m coming up with the something around Corriedale/Shetland with the tighter crimp of something the down breeds. Clear as mud?

It was a very fun spin and I am eager to do more spinning with it. I opted for a thick and thin lightly spun single which I later spiral plyed with some lovely hand painted merino. The resulting yarn has tons of texture and the colors are wild and fun.
Second up is a super cute new hat in Fleece & Harmony’s new fingering weight yarn paired up with my LB’s Hat pattern.  This yarn is a lovely blend of 20% local alpaca and their own sheep’s wool. I’m LOVING the colorway too. I think it looks pretty cute with Willy’s new blue-green hair 😉

What have you been up to this week?  Finish up anything super exciting?  I’d love to hear!

Happy Friday all!

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