WIP Wednesday – Vinyl Café Unplugged

Taking a break from the norm with this week’s WIP Wednesday post.  I’ve been a little too well behaved about my work-in-progresses and have finished ALL of them up.  Yup, you read that right, I’m in virtually unheard of territory here, right?

This week I’m sharing with you my current read, “Vinyl Café Unplugged” by Stuart McLean. I always greatly enjoyed listening to Stuart McLean’s radio show on Sunday afternoons. You can bet that when I found this little gem in a box of books from a friend I couldn’t wait to jump in and get reading. Unfortunately, somehow, it got mixed in with other books and relegated to the we-don’t-have-enough-room-on-the-bookcase-pile and forgotten about until my husband built a couple of new bookshelves and it re-surfaced.

I’m super happy to have found it again and am already flying through it.  For those of you, like myself, are fans of Dave and Morley, it is a truly endearing book and, as you read it, you can hear Stuart McLean’s voice telling the stories in your mind. For those of you who are unfamiliar with all things Vinyl Café, I highly recommend taking a peek.  The stories are usually light, charming, and funny but touching, all the same.

The snow has started here again (they’re predicting another storm) so I’ve got my cup of tea ready and am settling in for more reading time.

Happy Wednesday all!

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