FO Friday – Fleece and Harmony

I have not one, but two sweet projects to share with you this week. Both of which are knit in Fleece & Harmony yarn. 😉

First up is a cozy pair of Maritime Wool Socks, which you might recall from Wednesday’s post.  I can’t believe how fast these knit up! The finishing touches were put on these this morning, so no second-sock-syndrome here.  He he he.  I adore the dappled green of the yarn and know that these are going to be really warm and squishy socks. My husband has already claimed these because he took such wonderful care of the last socks that I knit him.

Second up is a Beck Trail hat in natural wool color and “Blueberry Preserve” colorway. I wish the close up photo of the hat was better because the color really is blueberry in yarn form. 😉 Almost makes me hungry just looking at it.

I’ve had a lot of fun creating true Prince Edward Island inspired hand knits this week with locally grown wool. It just adds that extra-special touch to the finished goodies … a story and connection to place. I’m looking forward to making even more PEI inspired knits this year.

What have you been working on this week?  Anything extra special? Do tell!
Happy Friday all!




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