Almost FO Friday – Venetian Crochet

I realize that I’m cheating a little bit here with my “almost FO” Friday but that’s the way it is sometimes. After all, I only started this project this morning 😉

The name of this beauty is Asphyxiation and it is from the 2006 Lughnasana edition of The AntiCraft. I’ve actually made one of these before but I gifted it to a friend and am only now just getting around to making another. I’m using regular crochet cotton that I have in my stash (originally bought for making an angel for our holiday tree but used to make many snowflakes.  🙂  ) and a 2mm hook. While the pattern is written for sewing the motifs together after they’re all finished, I’ve opted to join as I go for a more instant-gratification project.  Once the edging on the last two sides is completed I’ll be ready to sew on the hooks and wear it, although, I think I will also dye it with some tea because I’m not a huge fan of the bright white color.

What are you working on this week?  Finish (or almost finish) something really awesome? I’d love to hear about it. 

Happy Friday all!

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