FO Friday – Multi Ply

This week had been ply-a-paloosa here. I had a lot of fun working on 3 ply, cabled, and chain plyed 2 plys .

First up is a bump of Finn in “Fuse” colorway by Hello Yarn. I opted for a fractal 3 ply and I love the roundness and all the barber pole goodness happening in this yarn.  Plus, the colorway is fantastic!
Next is Falkland in “No Mud, No Lotus” colorway by Spunky Eclectic. I think that this is my favourite skein that I’ve spun in a very long time. I chose to spin this as a cabled 2 ply and not only is the colorway awesome but I love the bouncy, textured, softness of this finished yarn.  This would make a really amazing chunky knitted hat and I may just have to keep this for myself 😉  I’m definitely going to be working on more cabled yarns in the future.

And last is a fun little experiment with some left over 2 ply.  As if often the case, a small amount of 2 ply was left over after cabling so, instead of leaving it as is, I decided to chain ply the 2 ply and I’m loving the result.  I will definitely be making more of this type of yarn as well.

How was your week?  Did you do any fun crafty experiments?  Do tell!
Happy Friday all!

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