Bite of Life – Christmas Bird Count

I was invited by a good friend of mine to come out for the Christmas Bird Count and I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get out and explore. While birds are not my forte (wildflowers and mushrooms are more my thing), I’m always eager to learn more about local fauna.

We left before sunrise and spent the better part of the day snowshoeing along fields, tree lines, and woodland trails searching for and listing found bird species.  While I didn’t manage to snag any good pictures of birds (they’re just too speedy for me!), I did snap a few shots of our day.  Sunrise over the Caledonia hills, icy ponds, lichen, heritage roads, and fallen logs we used to cross streams … these were just few of the sights along the way.  I know that we just finished up the count for this year but I’m already eager to head out again for another bird-sighting-snowshoeing-adventure.

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that your 2017 is chock full of beauty, adventure, and trying new things!


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