It’s Raining Cats

img_3741 img_3753 img_3755A friend’s little one is absolutely head-over-heels-in-love with cats and she asked if I could knit a hat on the sly for her.

The pattern I used is “Micetto” by Katrin Schubert but I made a couple of mods … I used corrugated ribbing after casting on and I made my own crown chart as I prefer the look of a more symmetrical crown.

For yarns, I used a Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca DK in black and Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in “Hollyhock” colorway.  I don’t usually swoon much over commercially available yarn (I tend to be a handspun girl) but I really love how well both of these work together in the hat and I have to say that I adore the Chroma in both fingering and worsted weight.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and happy crafting to you!

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