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29638891876_87964286a1_o 29638890766_c21b40fd82_o 29049914253_d8498a19f3_oToday, I get to show off my Handspun Quill.  I’ve actually had this project finished for a few weeks but haven’t posted about it yet.  Truth be told, I find rectangular shawls notoriously hard to get good photos of, especially when they use handspun and you really want to show off all those amazing colors.

Speaking of handspun, for the central portion of the shawl I used my July club shipment from the Hello Yarn fibre club, a really fantastic blend of PoMoSilk in “Mean Streak” colorway.  I chose to spin it as a single so that I could get some fun stripe action going.  The borders are done is a nice fluffy white merino and and I just couldn’t resist adding in couple extra bands of color with some blue merino thrown into the mix.

I really enjoy knitting this pattern as it offers unlimited playtime with color and it lends itself so well to the use of handspun.  I can definitely see making another one in the near future.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week and that you find some time for craft.

Happy Friday all!



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