Simpkin Says …

IMG_1871 IMG_1910… cleaning fleece is his FAVOURITE job 😉

As a few of you know, we’ve recently had the wonderful luck of welcoming a new furry family member into our fold.  His name is Simpkin and he is a two and a half month old ginger kitten.  We’re all completely in love with his sweet disposition, hilarious antics, and vibrant energy.  He does make cleaning fleece interesting as well.

This morning I was busy picking tiny bits of vegetable matter from one of the lovely locally grown Shetland fleeces and preparing it for washing when Simpkin decided to help.  After quite a few mad dashes through, scattering locks of wool “hell-west-and-crooked”, he finally wore himself out and feel asleep.  I’ve picked and cleaned fleeces with two toddlers in the house and I have to say that one teeny kitten proves to be more of a challenge. 😉

So far, Simpkin has completely ignored my knitting and the various baskets of yarn I have throughout the house (which I am VERY happy about) but raw wool is simply irresistible to him.  With an abundance of locally grown wool to work with, these next few months of processing and spinning should be quite interesting. I like to chalk it up to that fact that I think he would be a real sheep lover, if he knew what they were …

Do you have pets that absolutely LOVE your raw materials and craft supplies? What is their favourite thing to get into?  Do tell!

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