Sunday Happenings – Boughton Island

Sundays tend to be our days for adventuring (weather permitting) and today we decided to take off for a canoeing trip around Boughton Island.

If you’ve never heard of this island, here is what the Nature Conservancy has to say about it:

Once settled and home to a thriving lobster cannery, Boughton Island has been uninhabited since World War II. Located just off Cardigan in eastern Prince Edward Island, Boughton Island is the province’s third-largest island and boasts almost six kilometres of shoreline. Because it has existed without any significant development or human interference for more than 60 years, wildlife has been allowed to live and breed here.

It is kind of a hidden gem which is loved by locals and visitors-in-the-know alike. It is a beautiful place to canoe/kayak around, the water is perfect for swimming, and the beach makes for interesting and fun hiking and picnicking.  We spent most of the afternoon enjoying the water and beach. Some of the interesting things we came across were bald eagles, blue herrons, sandpipers, a variety of fish and crabs, and cues that coyotes were through within the past 12 hours.  It is safe to say that we should all sleep well tonight after all the fun.

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend and will catch up with your again soon!


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