FO Friday – Northern Exposure

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One of my all-time favorite television series is Northern Exposure. While it may be considered “old” or “retro” now, I find that it is the perfect parallel to living in a rural village or small town.  I’ll not go into full details right now, but suffice to say, I found a lot of uncanny similarities between the series and moving to my current residence 12 years ago. This hat is kind of an homage to small town living and to Mort the Moose 😉

I chose to use a wonderful combination of locally raise Corriedale wool and handspun Bond for this hat. The background is knit in Bond in “Esmerelda” colorway by Southern Cross Fibre and the contrasting color in Corriedale from Harmony Meadow Farm. The hat features moose and spruce tree motif topped off with snowflakes.  While we don’t have moose here in Prince Edward Island, it doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming of them 😉

Well, that’s all for today.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you find some time from craft. 

Happy Friday all!

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