Lenses and Rose Fibre

IMG_0608Early last summer, I started having some trouble with my camera. Things weren’t focusing like they should and my image quality started going downhill.  In September, it officially crapped out, and after doing some research, I came to two conclusions … either the mechanics within my lens failed or my camera was done in.  So, since September, I shelved my beloved camera I’ve been doing my best to take my photos with my cellphone (and not terribly happy about that either). This has led to fewer blog posts because I’m just not happy with the images of my knitting and spinning (i MIGHT be a little bit of a perfectionist …).  some folks seem to be able to work their cellphone cameras like magic but I am, clearly, not one of them and I’m OK with that.

After months of missing my DSLR, I’ve finally found the proper replacement lens, but just to rule out any camera issues, a friends has graciously given me the loan of her lens until the replacement arrives. Thanks Sue!  I’ve been having a wonderful time this afternoon getting reacquainted with my camera and have decided to share a shot of my current spin-in-progress. This is the the December club shipment from Southern Cross Fibre called “Phoenix” in a very interesting blend of organic merino and rose fibre.  Yup, you read that right, ROSE fibre.  It feels a lot like bamboo and I’m totally loving it.

So that is all for today but you should definitely be hearing or SEEING more from me now 😉

Happy Monday all!

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