FO … Saturday – Bulldog Hat

22597419518_731d136e6c_o 23026883631_4146207e9b_o 22623526689_57550e9014_oI had hoped to share this yesterday but I like taking my photos outside and there was just too much rain!

This is my latest finished project … a Bulldog hat for my friend S.  I used the bulldog motif from JennyPenny’s French Bulldog Mittens pattern and modified it for floppy ears and added in some addition solid hearts.  I then used a modified version of my Queen Of Hearts crown to top it off.

I chose to knit this in KnitPicks Palette and a really lovely grey alpaca with some subtle variations.  I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.  I have to give a big thank you to Jude, who graciously modelled the hat for me 😉

Hope you are all have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!

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