FO Friday – Well, Sort Of …

bobbinsOn Wednesday I posted about my current spinning projects and I had fully intended to do some plying later that afternoon but, as is so often the case, life had other plans. I ended up spending time with friends and binge-reading my current book.  All very wonderful things. When it comes to spinning, what I would normally do, is ply the bobbins that need to be plyed to keep them clear for the next spinning project.  This time I chose to rebel against my usual ways and fill them all. I was a single-spinning-mad-women and totally loving it.  In the basket, pictured above, there is a pound of singles of various fibers and colorways waiting to be picked for their next stage of the journey.  Some will be plyed and some will remain singles.  Since I have now run out of bobbins, I will be finishing them off as I see fit this afternoon.  Sometimes it is nice to break from the expected and do things a little differently.

Are you a crafting rule maker?  Do you sometimes like to break your own rules?  Tell me your favourite way to rebel 🙂

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