FO Friday – Pounce and Braveheart


Another Friday is here. I know I often say, I don’t know where the week has gone, but I am finding that time is just passing SO quickly!

This week I have two new yummy handspun yarns to share with you. The first up is 4oz of Falkland wool in “Pounce” colorway by Hello Yarn. I adore this fiber. The colors, the feel, it was just an all around pleasure to spin. I chose to spin this as a fractal to really maximize the usage of bright and cheery colors.


The second skein is 4oz of Finn in “Braveheart” colorway by Two If By Hand. This is one of the braids that I picked out of my stash for my 2015 Spin the Bin Challenge (which I am, consequently, allllllmost finished of!). I chose to spin this as a fractal also because, well, I just can’t get enough of fractal spinning lately. I love the variation in the color shifts, the soft blends, and more frequent pops of color.


Another thing that I wanted to mention this week is Spinzilla. Are any of you participating? I’ve picked my braids of fibre and can’t wait to get going. Spinning starts at 12:01 am on October 5th, so if you’re thinking of joining in, please do! I’m signed up to spin with the rogue spinner, as this is my first time participating and can’t wait to get going with all the spinny fun.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and that you find some time for craft. See you all next week!

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