WIP Wednesday – Decisions, Decisions …

IMG_0074It is another dreary looking day with the threat of thunder and lightening so the kiddos and I are having a movie day. Being someone who has a hard time sitting still, I like to have something crafty on the go and I’m trying to decide which one of these lovely bumps of fiber to start first.

The braid closest to the camera is the June club offering from Southern Cross Fibre.  It is a luscious 50/50 blend of South African Superfine and Mulberry Silk in “Peacock” colorway. It is soft and fluffy and incredibly soft.  I just want to snuggle down into it.

The second braid is the June Club shipment from Hello Yarn fiber club.  It is 4oz of Kent Romney Lambswool in “Light as a Feather” and you all know it is almost impossible for me to resist a long wool and this lamb’s wool is something else!  All I can think when I squoosh it is “Mama needs some new socks!”

I believe I will resort to Eeny Meeny Miny Moe or a coin toss to make this decision for me because I really can’t choose which one I want to start first.

Hope you are all having a wonderful (and craft filled) week!

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