Saturday Spinning

IMG_0897 IMG_0924Kiddos were eager to get out for playtime in the snow this afternoon so I got to enjoy a little quiet time at my wheel.

I’m spinning up 4oz of Kent Romney Lambswool in “Heart of Winter” colorway by Southern Cross Fibre.   From the moment I opened up our January club shipment, I knew that this fiber wanted to be socks … and socks for ME. (We all know how much I adore Romney … and Wensleydale … and Gotland …)  It is not your usual Romney either.  While it doesn’t have quite as much lustre as others, it is softer and fluffier with a bit more crimp to it … an all around delightful fiber to spin.  I can almost feel my feet snuggling in the cozy handspun socks already!

Well, I’ve got to get back to my spinning wheel.  This fiber is begging to be binge-spun!

Happy Saturday all!

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