New-to-us Treasures

booksBooks are one of the things that I think you simply can not have enough of.  If you run out of shelf space, well, you just need to build a new bookshelf!  Another thing that I find about books is that the more you read, the more you realize how many really wonderful stories and authors there are out there, and how they have a tendency to just fall into your lap.

I was growling to my husband just this week about a book I had high expectations of, falling very flat (in my opinion).  All the same, I suffered through it because I very,very rarely give up on a book, all the while wishing for something good to read.

While out running errands yesterday, the kiddos and I decided to stop in at our favourite local thrift store and look at the treasures we found!  The Story of Doctor Dolittle, an Agatha Christie, East of Eden, The Complete Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, and Gulliver’s Travels …. a whole assortment of great reads.

Don’t you love when things work out this way?

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