2015 Intentions

IMG_0644Hello all and happy 2015!  I hope that everyone had a really wonderful holiday season and that they’re game to start their New Year refreshed and ready to take on the world.

2014 was a very interesting year for me.  I started the year by setting a goal for myself to slow down and I have to say that I really enjoyed that goal.  Sometimes it was difficult, as I let go of things that were no longer serving me, or passed on several things that sounded like fun because it didn’t work with my family’s schedule, but I’m really glad that I gave myself the time and space to allow my world to be a bit less hectic.  Slowing down gave me more fun time with my family, quietness, more peace of mind, and a greater appreciation for the simple things in life.   All huge bonuses in my book.

For 2015, I’m still planning to keep things at this lovely slower pace and I’m also adding on to it my intention to be less serious.  Life is so much more enjoyable if we allow ourselves to show our sense of humour.   I want to smile more often, have bigger belly laughs, and be silly. That, and drink more tea from my beautiful Aynsley tea cup.  No sense having that beautiful cup sitting away on a shelf!

So it may seem like small little things to think about but I’m sure that these simple intentions will help to create a wonderful year.

Do you set goals, resolutions, or intentions?  Do you do it more often at the beginning of the new year or randomly throughout?  I’d love to hear all about it!  🙂

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