A Seaweed Expedition

Scallop shell
Searching the shore for seaweed specimens.
Little pools along the shore
An experiment showing the gelling qualities of certain seaweeds.
Learning how to make seaweed specimens.
Some tasty samples of local seaweed.

This morning, our homeschool group had the pleasure of meeting  Dr. Irene Novaczek, a Marine Ecologist, who took us on an all-about-seaweed expedition.  We started off with exploring the shore along Point Prim and searching for various types of sea life.  Everyone got to take a few samples for further study indoors (out of the mist and the cold!).

Dr. Novaczek walked us through learning the different parts of seaweed and learning to identify some of the more common species in our area.  She also gave us an abundance of information on the diverse uses of these interesting little sea plants as well as lots of into on how they are best eaten. A good few of us were very glad to have brought paper and pens along and busily took notes for later reference.  There is just so much to learn about seaweed!

Along with getting to taste some of the varieties, the children learned how to make a seaweed specimens. They are so pretty that I think once ours are dry, I’ll frame them and hang them in the living room.

We are pretty excited about and very thankful for all that Dr. Novaczek shared with us today and are eager to experiment these little gems in both our diet and as home remedies.

Do you use seaweed in home remedies?  Do you like to eat seaweeds?  I’d love for you to share some recipes!

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