FO Friday – Dragon Scales, Nausicaa, and Mail Day

IMG_0296I have some super yummy woolies to share with you today. Surprised? Did you think you had lost me to hiking and taking nature photos? Never fear, I have been busy at my wheel, even if I haven’t been posting much about it lately.

Today’s treasures are both dreamy Falkland wool.  The first, pictured on the left, is “Dragon Scales” by Southern Cross Fibre.  I chose to spin this across the top and N-ply for a nice DK weight yarn.  I love the wonderful jewel tones and this fiber is so dreamy soft.  The second, pictured on the right, is “Nausicaa” by Nest Fiber Studio. This bump, I chose to split lengthwise once and spin each piece tip to tail for quicker color changes.  I also chose this to be a fulled single as I already have big plans for it (that is if it doesn’t sell at the farmer’s market tomorrow).

IMG_0288I also wanted to share with you some treasures that came in the mail today.  The fiber is the October club shipment from SCF in a colorway call “And Your LIttle Dog Too” on Organic Merino (can anyone guess what classic this was inspired by?) and the September club offering from Spunky Eclectic in a colorway called “Dorset” which is also the fiber type.  This is my first experience with Dorset so I am quite excited to try it.  I am also slowly but surely adding to my resource collection and am happily checking out my new copy of “The Spinner’s Book of Fleece.”  Just from the quick little look-through, I have already picked up some new tid-bits.

What crafty fun have you been up to?  Have you picked up any new crafting supplies or resource books yourself?  Do tell!

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