Yay! A New Fiber Club!

IMG_0198One of the best things that I decided to do when I was first really getting into spinning was to join a fiber club.  I came across the Spunky Eclectic club in 2011 and it was love at first bump of fiber.  Being part of the club has exposed me to all sorts of wonderful new fibers and fantastic colorways that I might not normally pick for myself.  They expand my spinning skills, my creative use of color in knitting,  and I’ve never met a fiber or colorway by Amy that I haven’t loved.  A win all the way around!

This summer, I got my invite to become part of the Souther Cross Fibre Club as well and I jumped at the chance.  David has fabulous fiber preps and his colorways are dreamy.  I was SUPER excited this morning when I walked to the post and there was a package for me.  My first serving of fiber from SCF!  It is 110 grams of Falkland in “Dragon Scales” colorway and I can’t wait to get spinning it!  I’ve managed to contain myself long enough to snap a few shots before it hits my wheel. He he he.

IMG_0201I also had to include a shot of my helper.  He likes to supervise ALL photo shoots and much of the knitting and spinning.

Are you part of any yarn or fiber clubs?  Do you have furry helpers that also like to supervise your crafting?  Do tell!

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